Jacob Tanenbaum:  Teacher At Sea 2008

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Come Join Mr. Tanenbaum and Snuggy the Bear for a trip on the Atlantic Ocean on the research ship HENRY B. BIGELOW from October 6 - October 17. 

We will be studying the creatures along the bottom of the ocean and writing a children's book about our experiences on the ship.  Life at the bottom of the sea is often the most interesting to see.  They are adapted to a very different kind of environment and often look very different from marine life in shallower water.  The pictures at right were taken during bottom trawls in 2006 in the Bering Sea.  I wonder what we will dredge up in the Atlantic?  How will it be similar?  How will it be different?


Since we will be at sea for Columbus Day, we will take a close look at how ships have changed in the last 400 years!  Did you know that Columbus could figure out his latitude, but had no way to figure out his longitude?  Its true!  Click here for an interactive feature on navigation, and keep checking the blog during the trip to find out more.


Weather -- Will Mr. Tanenbaum get sea sick?  What about Snuggy?  Click the links below for weather in the area where we will be sailing:

bulletWave Height and Temperature of the Water
bullet Weather forecast for our area